31 October 2015

Bathe in sewage for salvation

The famous Hindu city of Varanasi is situated on the murky banks of the Ganges. Hindus believe bathing in the river causes the forgiveness of sins and helps attain salvation.

6 October 2015

Where to find street art in Melbourne

Melbourne has become known internationally for its diverse range of street art. This includes stencils, paste-ups and murals. Street art is seen as an art form, whereas graffiti and tagging are regarded as vandalism.

16 September 2015

Melbourne Opera’s production of ‘Mary Stuart’

[First published on The Plus Ones]

Queen Mary Stuart of Scotts kneels beside Queen Elizabeth I in Donizetti's opera.
Photo courtesy Robin Hall

Melbourne Opera’s production of Gaetano Donizetti’s historical drama ‘Mary Stuart’ (Maria Stuarda) offers a brilliant opportunity for people of any age or background to whet their operatic appetites.

31 August 2015

Beautiful Architecture in Paris

One of the big reasons I love Paris is the architecture. Even buildings along ordinary streets evoke a grand sense of history and culture.

10 August 2015

7 reasons to submit your writing

[First published on VisibleInkAnthology.com]

Is your head full of story ideas? Write them down and submit them. [Photo: Drew Coffman/Flickr]

I never used to submit my writing anywhere. I used to keep it all in a drawer, hidden from the world like a timid George McFly before the space-time continuum fell into place. When I finally did build the confidence to submit, I was very selective about the publications or competitions I chose. Over time I realised there’s value in submitting, no matter where. Here are some of the benefits:

29 July 2015

Fried Food Vending Machines

FEBO is a chain of "automatic" fast-food restaurants in the Netherlands. Customers buy hot food from the vending machines, which are constantly re-stocked from a kitchen.

9 July 2015

New study shows gay marriage causes global warming

Two men are just married and about to walk into a drough desert.

A new study published in the American Journal of Climate Science concludes that same-sex marriage will contribute significantly to global warming. These findings come after a recent Supreme Court decision legalised same-sex marriage in the United States.

17 June 2015

David was the giant, not Goliath

I had never thought Michelangelo's David would be so big. The figure alone is 4.34 metres tall (14'2"). Look how small the people are directly in front of the statue (above).

30 May 2015

‘Don Carlos’ at Opera Australia

 [First published on The Plus Ones]

Photo courtesy Jeff Busby

Like any good performance, an opera will transport you to another place. The scene, setting, costumes and music should hold and absorb you in a fantasy. Opera Australia’s production of ‘Don Carlos’ does just that.

22 May 2015

‘Don Giovanni’ at Opera Australia

[First published on The Plus Ones]

Photo courtesy Jeff Busby

If you’ve never been to the opera before, Opera Australia’s production of ‘Don Giovanni’ is a cracker to satiate your curiosity.

Mozart’s two-act opera is based on the legend of Don Juan. Don Giovanni is an unrepentant womanising scoundrel, who goes about town seducing single — and soon to be married — women, and then dumping them after he’s had his way. His trusty servant Leporello, the comic relief, has recorded the 2,000+ conquests in a little black book.