Many people are familiar with the expression: "The road less travelled". It refers to travelling off the beaten track, to strange and unfamiliar places. "The life less travelled" refers to living in an unconventional way; approaching life with an open mind and not following the norm that many people are ingrained with.

In Spanish, they say nacer, crecer, reproducirse y morir ("born, grow, reproduce and die"). For many people, this is an astute simplification of the circle of life. But I like to challenge this way of thinking. One's life has the potential to be so much more than certain milestones.

I believe the meaning of life is whatever you decide is important to your life. The time we have on this wonderful, beautiful planet is too short to be living in a box—mentally or physically. I like to experience everything life has to offer: the highs and the lows of life (without the lows, the highs would be boring and diluted).

Life is a beautiful journey and I'm enjoying the ride. This blog explores the adventures I had while travelling the world for over eight years (to over sixty countries).

~ Ara

Oh, the picture of the bus wreck (in the header) was taken at the border of Chile and Bolivia, at Hito Cajon in the Atacama Desert.


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    1. Vienes por aca de nuevo?? :D

  2. not yet. Pero el mundo no es tan grande, seguro de que nos volvemos a encontrar :)

    1. Es cierto. Nos vemos pronto, amiga =)